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Chakra Gardens - Opening the Senses of the Soul

by Carol Cumes

Chakra Gardens book cover

In vibrant photographs and clear captivating text, Chakra Gardens – Opening the Sense of the Soul tells the story of how Carol Cumes built the chakra gardens on her Willka T’ikka Garden resort in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru.

Each chapter describes the garden area that corresponds to one of the seven energetic chakras of the human body. Starting with the earth garden for the first, root chakra, Carol takes the reader through each chakra, describing the resonance, the healing properties, the plants and even meditations that the reader can use to release blockages and promote health.

This is a book for any reader who loves gardens, but is especially valuable for the combination of both chakra energy and plant healing information. Readers will be inspired to create their own chakra gardens wherever they are.

IPPY Gold AwardWinner of Independent Publisher's IPPY Gold Award for Best New Age/Mind Body Spirit Book 2009

Photography by Greg Asbury

Over 350 full color photos

Hardcover, 11" x 11"

250+ pages (TBD)

ISBN 978-0-9654003-9-8


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Journey to Machu Picchu: Spiritual Wisdom from the Andes

by Carol Cumes 

Journey to Machu Picchu book cover

The spectacular mountain peaks of Machu Picchu form a special place, where isolated communities of gentle people live in harmony with the earth as their ancestors had over thousands of years. With photographs, stories and rich descriptions, Carol Cumes tells about the spiritual wisdom of the Andean people as well as her own personal journey of transformation. Learn about Andean practices, rituals, ceremonies, healers, customs, music, food, plants and the “traditional communities” ayllukuna.

This book is essential reading prior to any personal or sacred journey to Peru. Even for those who cannot travel there, the book will trigger your own journey of awakening.

Third Edition, revised and expanded 2005


Paperback, 6" x 9"

278 pages

ISBN 0-9771283-0-X


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The net proceeds from the book, Chakra Gardens, go directly to the Willka T'ika Children's Fund, a non-profit organization.

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